i won’t give up on us even if the skies get rough; i’m giving you all my love – i’m still looking up

Jason Mraz’s new album is streaming through youtube.  I’m holding five conversations at once.  One with a friend from college through facebook, one with my best friend in Georgia through texting, one with you dear reader, one with Jason Mraz, and one with God.

Ah, the things that run through my mind late at night. ::checks time:: well, it’s not even that late at night.  Only 10:30 now.

I’m frustrated again.  My earbud headphones that practically glow a blue-green color, died on me again.  I say again because this is the third pair of the same brand that I’ve gone through.  I haven’t even went through all of the little green rubber things that you stick on them! Sigh unfairness. Oh well. I guess I’ll live. :P  with only one ear working! Grr. So frustrating. Mama said it was because I’m the hardest on any pair of headphones.  But I really do take care of them!  And I don’t bend them in odd ways so that they don’t get shorts so easily.  But I need headphones that work because I listen to music all of the freaking time.

Which leads me to speak of Jason Mraz’s new album which totally rocks my toe socks off… If I had them on right now.  I should, it’s freezing in this house… anyway, that comes later.  Take a listen to Jason Mraz’s new album, ‘love is a four letter word’ (as offensive as that sounds, the music consists of happy, up-beat music that is totally without any four-letter words, excluding ‘love’ of course). Preferably listen to it with headphones that work.

It is so freezing in this house! Teehee, I’m home. ^_^  yup, school’s out for the summer before summer even starts.  Or maybe it has… it just doesn’t feel like it… anyway.  I got fuzzy slippers on, long jeans, a sweat shirt (that unfortunately is very thin, but what can I say? I’m a poor broke college student :P), and a fuzzy blanky wrapped around my shoulders.  I can’t feel my poor toeses, and the tips of my fingers might fall off from typing so fast and feeling numb at the same time. :P

I’m happy to be home. ^_^  we are planning on moving next month to south carolina… my daddy found another job which looks like it’s gonna be a good one.  I saw pictures of the new house… it looks loverly.  And it’ll be the biggest house we will ever live in! I’m so excited. WALK-IN CLOSET FOR MEEEE! Happy stuff. ^_^  I still will be going to Belhaven university next semester along with my older brother who will join me. :)

I recently had to say goodbye to some friends at college who I won’t be seeing next semester.  In particular, four Korean girls who were exchange students to Belhaven.  They really became amazing friends and I know that I’ll miss them so much next semester… it really won’t be the same without my ‘unnies’.  I really hope to go to Korea next semester and see them again.

God is good.  And every time something bad happens, I remind myself that everything happens for a reason, and that God has a good plan for my life.  I know this summer is going to be ridiculously busy, and bound to be stressful and full of anxiety if I let it get the best of me.  I’ll do my best to put in my best effort into this move and finishing my book, and glorify God in the process.  Please pray that as hard as everything will be, that God will be glorified in what we do.

Sorry it has been awhile since I’ve written. ^_^  I’ve been busy, and when I haven’t been busy, I’ve been watching tv dramas. (~_^)  I’m also sorry for the grammar mistakes.  I typed this all out on word documents first – and a lot of y’all know I usually type things out all in lower case.  So, word documents has only capitalized all that it thinks it needs to, and I’m fine with that, as long as y’all can still decipher what I say. ^_^

i also apologize if i rambled too much.  i normally ramble at night.  and i just decided that i need to type out what was going on on word document, so i wasn’t originally going to post all this.  in fact, i had to go back and edit out most of my entry when i decided to let the world know what i’m doing via blogging. ;)

please kick back and enjoy the song.  and then go to bed, because it has gotten late. :P <3

title from: i won’t give up by jason mraz


it’s Christmas, and we are in love with the way that soft snowflakes kiss us from far above the blustery breeze

first off, i apologize. i could have updated my blog in the past month and a half, but instead, i have danced, listened to music, and watched tv in my free time. ::blushes:: not on cable, anyhow, but on the internet, which causes a real problem, you know – it’s not like on the internet you have to wait until next week for the next episode because all the episodes are there for instant streaming.  i thought my tv watching would be curbed when my dad told me to stop using hulu because it took up all the internet in the house… so i found the tv show on youtube. :} teehee…

Christmas vacation is finally upon us! hooray! although, it would be awkward if it wasn’t, considering, it is Christmas day. :P  it was strange, being the Christmas season is here and all, and i haven’t gone to a single party.  y’all may remember, last year, we were in a constant mess of parties. every night for two whole weeks it seemed we were partying.  so no parties this year (since we moved to a small town in mississippi), but we’ve been excessively busy still.

by finals week, i was staying up until 3:00 and 4:30.  i was thoroughly exhausted and thought that yippee! i can catch up on my sleep at home! but nooo, instead, i was staying up until 1:30 and 3:00 every night and sleeping in until noon every day.  needless to say, my whole sleeping schedule has been pretty messed up.  not that i’m complaining, it’s been fun.  i might start complaining when school starts up, though. :P

so, last night we had a delicious meal at a friend’s house, and the Christmas spirit was really kicking in.  we got home, and drank eggnog while my daddy read the Christmas story from the Bible.  after that, we each opened one present from under the tree. i scurried off to bed at 11:30 (because it really messes up the magic of things if you go to bed after 12:00… i mean, santa comes then, right?).  but unfortunately, the normal excitement for Christmas – you know, the kind of excitement that keeps middle-schoolers up – kept me up for a while.  ‘oh what the heck,’ i sighed – and commenced to opening my laptop in order to watch ‘barbie and the nutcracker’ on youtube.  unfortunately, internet takes forever to load in my bedroom so instead i watched the end dance scene – you know, the part when everything seems like it’s going to end happily ever after when the prince and the sugar plum princess are dancing in the castle courtyard.  successfully made drowsy, i shut my computer and went to sleep.

this morning, i was pounced on by my older brother.  i dragged my feet out of bed, put on my fuzzy slippers and went into the living room.  our stockings are hidden and we have to find them every Christmas – i had a ‘little helper’ who showed me where mine was.  needless to say, i was truly grateful, seeing as my eyes didn’t seem to want to open.

the loot i got from my family! ^_^ unfortunately, wordpress is going too unbearably slow in order for me to upload anything else, so this is all for today folks. :)

i hope you all have a very happy and blessed Christmas! <3

title from: the Christmas song by owl city

rain, rain go away, come again another day – all the world is waiting for the sun.

title from: rain by breaking benjamin

blessed words we speak again of the words to do, my friend; for us to live in this dark garden of eden

The Enemies of God (and His People) Defeated

It is a good thing to thank God that such a scourge has been ended – even terminated. When Jesus speaks of turning the other cheek, He is speaking of personal offenses against us individually, not a sovereign nation. Psalm 83 is a perfect example of praying for divine retribution against the enemies of Israel. Bin Laden was an enemy of the world – including Israel. Christians can rejoice as David did over the defeat of their enemies. In heaven, we will delight in God’s justice. Why not now over so blatant an enemy of God and His people, as well as the rest of the world?

The civil magistrates have been ordained by God for the preservation of peace and the punishment of the evildoers, “for he (the civil authority) is the servant of God, an avenger who carries out God’s wrath on the wrongdoer.”  (Romans 13:1-7)  Though some may grieve over the death of a human being, it is important to remember the countless unjust deaths people like Bin Laden are responsible for.

When David’s enemy (Absolom) was defeated and he went into grieving over it, Joab rightly counseled David to rejoice that his enemy had been defeated, lest he lose support from those who worked so hard to protect him.  Let us not spurn God’s delivering grace on the free (and Christians) world by being critical of His deliverance.

written after the news of osama bin laden’s death, written by my daddy. :)

title from: is love enough? by michael franti and spearhead


this week has been long.  my throat has been scratching and every now and then hurting.  the night before last i woke up several times in the middle of the night because of a serious ear infection.  it hurt :(  but besides my allergies, sinus headaches, and all other forms of this thing called a ‘cold’, i’ve had a good week.

last wednesday, trey, me, and three other friends to see ‘the last airbender‘.  as we walked toward the movie theater, we saw my parents drive by.  just so happens that mom and dad made a last-minute decision to go out on a date to see ‘inception’.  heehee, i love my parents. :)

we get to the movie theater and find a handicap seat that was like a theater love seat.  it was very tempting to sit there…  anyhoo.  we all sit down (not in the love seat, but in the middle row).  we all goof off some.  and then the previews start.  now, ‘the last airbender’ is rated pg, a total kids movie, and the previews they start showing are incredibly and i mean incredibly raunchy.  so, after suffering and frequently covering the guys’ eyes through twenty minutes of previews, the movie finally starts.  yay! you might think.  well, think again.  the movie, ‘grown ups’ starts playing.  now, i’m sixteen (until tomorrow happens! woot! :) and all i’ve heard about this movie were news that it was pg-13 and adam sandler was in it, and those things just told me ‘don’t watch’.  so after we complained to the theater peeps, they said they’d start the real thing soon.  so i waited outside the theater room until it actually started.  then it did, thank goodness. :)

the last airbender

now, trey and i are fans of the tv series so we were a tad disappointed; we believe they could’ve added a bit more of the story if they made it longer.  so the plot was kind of vague.  another downer was the fact that they added a lot of the spiritual crud in there… i mean, they had the spiritual stuff in the tv show, but the tv show had a lot more of the story too. :P  so i guess they didn’t do a good job about evening things out.  but the martial arts and the special effects were amazing!  none of the martial arts were computerized and the battle scenes were totally epic.  so, despite some of the downers, i liked the movie a lot :).

you also have to understand the people with whom we watched it.  we had this thing going on during the movie… it all started once a six-legged bison flew on screen (… literally).  my dear friend anna, the gal i was sitting next to, leaned next to my ear and whispered, ‘that’s you!’.  and then it continued from there throughout the rest of the movie: zach is a flying lemur, bekah became a komodo dragon, anna was a dood with dreadlocks and whiskers, and trey was the guy who randomly starts howling like a wolf right before the big battle (and believe me, that guy was pretty random… none of us saw it coming and burst out into fits of laughter :).

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