you’re like the tide in the deep blue ’cause you’re always there when i need you, and when you need someone to carry you through, i’m gonna be there for you

can i just say there there is almost nothing in this world like making pumpkin shaped pizzas with your family, while inhaling the smell of some apple candle somewhere in the house, setting up ‘it’s the great pumpkin, charlie brown!’ movie, all the while yiruma’s ‘the scenery begins’ is playing softly in the background?

i’m home for the weekend. <3

title from: downpour by brandi carlile

all that i’m after is a life full of laughter – as long as i’m laughing with you; i’m thinkin’ that all that still matters is love ever after, after the life we’ve been through ’cause i know there’s no life after you.

this will be the last time that i post on my blog in a long time. i’ll go one step at a time. :P

the retirement ceremony! i promised that i wouldn’t cry, and guess what?! i cried. :P it was very lovely. daddy unfortunately wasn’t able to have a whole, decked-out navy ceremony because his flag bearers and side boys backed out at the last minute. but despite that, it still turned out perfectly. daddy even said that he was glad that it didn’t work out, or else it would have been focused more on the navy and not the gospel message or his family.  it was beautiful. :)


we’ve been to several parties and have said goodbye to a lot of people as well. it’s been rough, but i know i’ll see them all again. i’ve actually been guaranteed a job already as a live-in nanny for the sarah and andrew – the kiddos i nannied last year! i’m excited to see them and everybody else again. :)

we’ve said other goodbyes as well…

sunday was john’s birthday party. we all went to the park to play games in order to celebrate his fourteenth birthday. but because a lightning storm unleashed not twenty minutes into the game. :P some sweet friends offered to host it at their house so we had an indoor party. it was still very fun, but there were a lot of weepy goodbyes at the end.

we had dinner with more friends last night and we’ll have dinner with more friends tonight and some the next night – our last night. unfortunately, i haven’t had the chance to upload more pictures. on thursday we leave colorado to visit people on our cross country trip to mississippi. so, on that note, i’m not sure when y’all will hear from me next, though i hope it’ll be soon.

well, it may sound like i’m a little down in the dumps here. but God is faithful so i’m confident that everything will turn out for our good. and, it’s not like i’m not coming back next summer. ;)

so, time for some happy tunage! :D  whenever i feel a little down, i listen or dance to it, or sometimes both. ;) when i hear it in my head, i can’t help but dance too! (i don’t doubt that it offers another excuse for people to look at me funny :P) but it all makes me so happy. :}

title from: life after you by daughtry

ps, i still can’t believe that the final harry potter comes into theaters the day after we move! i know that it’ll *have* to happen, but i want to see that movie so bad! what can i say? it’ll be epic. :) aaand, i’ll wear my ‘i <3 fred’ shirt in support of the poor dood. :)

so what if it hurts me? so what if i break down? so what if this world just throws me off the edge, my feet run out of ground? i gotta find my place, i wanna hear my sound – don’t care about all the pain in front of me, i juts wanna be happy.

the 'music man' cast

this last monday was the cast party for the music man.  it was fun, but at the end, i cried.  there were a few people i wouldn’t see again before i move. :( i’m really glad i was able to do something like this with all of my friends before i move though… it gave me a huge chance to hang out with them all more.  i love them and miss them already. <3

well, on sunday, the day before the cast party, i decided to dye my hair. yes, dye it. (i had to wait until after the play – that was part of the contract.) i’m sticking with the color brown though – i figured that since God gave me the color brown for my hair, i must look good in it. so, it is now some sort of a copper shade. not too much of a difference, but it does look nice i suppose. my sweet friend elaine helped me with it (after all, it was my first time and heaven knows i might’ve done something terribly wrong! :D).

woot! :D

yesterday, i saw ‘kung fu panda 2′ which was just as good as the first one! i was so pleased. :) it was a bit sad though… good story and the same ole’ dry humor though. :D

i had a lot of ‘likes’ for this movie (or ‘loves’ :P).  i like the fact that po is friends with the furious five in this movie. i like the bond and relationship build between the panda and his father, the goose.  i like how it’s about being at peace with one’s past, present, future, friendship, and familial bonds. it was an all around sweet and funny movie. it so lived up to the first one. :}  poor johnny bravo thought that it was fifty-one percent happy and forty-nine percent sad (the thing is, po realizes that his dad, the goose, really isn’t his dad – so po starts struggling with that issue of who his real parents were).  but still, fabulous movie. :)

well, at the movie theater, auddie and i were uber thrilled to see harry potter posters up! :D BAH! i can’t wait to see that movie! :D


title from: happy by leona lewis

your charm can not distract me from the path i’m born to tread

it was the only movie i’ve ever seen more than once in theaters (just twice :P). but it was an amazing movie and worth watching again.

prince of persia

y’all have probably heard of the video game it was based on. or, y’all just heard of it because there were so many rabid fans (the girls wanted to see it because of jake gyllenhaal, and the guys because of gemma aterton… no, i didn’t see it because of jake gyllenhaal).  i knew, when i went to see it at the theater, i was either going to be really impressed, or really bummed.  i left, excessively impressed. 

for firsts, i was impressed with the story.  i knew that jerry bruckheimer made the ‘pirates of the caribbean’ movies so i was expecting this to be a great action flick and most likely have a pathetic ‘moral’ or ‘point’ to the story (‘pirates’ didn’t have a great moral/point at the end.  maybe they were trying to get to the fact that being a pirate is… fine? i guess?  yeah, no great point there.  the ride was fun though.).  but there was an actual point and moral to ‘prince of persia’!  it had a strong emphasis on brotherhood and family.  yeah, it did have those ‘listen to your heart’ moments, but the point was to the common and sappy phrase was, ‘do what you know is the right thing!’  aside from the morals and points, the story in and of itself was pretty clever and the twists were very smart.  there are catches throughout the movie that were great.

the characters were well devised and thought-out.  the cast was amazing too.  the main character of dastan was selfless and loyal.  princess tamina had a saucy attitude, but there was a method to her madness.  she wasn’t too annoying either – she had the right amount of sass, sense, and sweetness to even things out (no, she isn’t schizophrenic).  the bad guy was cunning and surprising.  and the ‘slightly dishonest entrepeneur’, sheik amar, was a hilarious comic relief.

to sum it all up: the scenery was gorgeous.  the music was amazing; i think hans zimmer does it.  it set the mood for each scene perfectly.  everybody loves dastan – he is the best hero i’ve ever seen on screen.  the number of great quotes you could get from this movie is almost ridiculous.  the action was epic.  and the parkour was neat (i wanna run on walls…).

title from: i remain by alanis morissette

my, my, this here anakin guy… he left his home, kissed his mommy goodbye, saying, ‘soon i’m gonna be a jedi’.

the other day mom was trying to get the blender to work.  once she revved up the machine and it was buzzing loudly, she yelled, ‘it’s working! it’s working!’  there.  a little tribute to anakin before he went bad.

little anakinbad anakinand then he went bad.  really bad.  as bad as you can get without getting as bad as darth sidious; even though it was just because he wanted to save padme` and he thought that going to the darkside would help but it was really just a trick that darth sidious set in order to have him as his apprentice and it warped anakin’s mind before he knew what was happening to him.

i should probably stop now.  :P


this week has been long.  my throat has been scratching and every now and then hurting.  the night before last i woke up several times in the middle of the night because of a serious ear infection.  it hurt :(  but besides my allergies, sinus headaches, and all other forms of this thing called a ‘cold’, i’ve had a good week.

last wednesday, trey, me, and three other friends to see ‘the last airbender‘.  as we walked toward the movie theater, we saw my parents drive by.  just so happens that mom and dad made a last-minute decision to go out on a date to see ‘inception’.  heehee, i love my parents. :)

we get to the movie theater and find a handicap seat that was like a theater love seat.  it was very tempting to sit there…  anyhoo.  we all sit down (not in the love seat, but in the middle row).  we all goof off some.  and then the previews start.  now, ‘the last airbender’ is rated pg, a total kids movie, and the previews they start showing are incredibly and i mean incredibly raunchy.  so, after suffering and frequently covering the guys’ eyes through twenty minutes of previews, the movie finally starts.  yay! you might think.  well, think again.  the movie, ‘grown ups’ starts playing.  now, i’m sixteen (until tomorrow happens! woot! :) and all i’ve heard about this movie were news that it was pg-13 and adam sandler was in it, and those things just told me ‘don’t watch’.  so after we complained to the theater peeps, they said they’d start the real thing soon.  so i waited outside the theater room until it actually started.  then it did, thank goodness. :)

the last airbender

now, trey and i are fans of the tv series so we were a tad disappointed; we believe they could’ve added a bit more of the story if they made it longer.  so the plot was kind of vague.  another downer was the fact that they added a lot of the spiritual crud in there… i mean, they had the spiritual stuff in the tv show, but the tv show had a lot more of the story too. :P  so i guess they didn’t do a good job about evening things out.  but the martial arts and the special effects were amazing!  none of the martial arts were computerized and the battle scenes were totally epic.  so, despite some of the downers, i liked the movie a lot :).

you also have to understand the people with whom we watched it.  we had this thing going on during the movie… it all started once a six-legged bison flew on screen (… literally).  my dear friend anna, the gal i was sitting next to, leaned next to my ear and whispered, ‘that’s you!’.  and then it continued from there throughout the rest of the movie: zach is a flying lemur, bekah became a komodo dragon, anna was a dood with dreadlocks and whiskers, and trey was the guy who randomly starts howling like a wolf right before the big battle (and believe me, that guy was pretty random… none of us saw it coming and burst out into fits of laughter :).

you’ve got a friend in me

i watched toy story 3 this last saturday!


such an adorable movie.  i believe that i have already mentioned it before, but out of all of the children’s movies sequels i have ever seen, toy story tops them all.  my only regret about this movie was that there was no bo peep.  they explain what happened to her, but at the same time, i was bummed – she was a sweet character.


not all of the old characters are in the movie, but there are many new characters.  among the many new faces, i do believe trey’s favorite character was the ken doll.  he was quite humorous :D


in this one, andy has grown up and is preparing to go to college and by a dreadful mistake, the toys end up at a daycare.  the issues and complications that they face really test their friendship and how loyal they are to andy – of course, they stick together and do their best to get back to their owner.  there are some hilarious parts – i mean, laugh-out-loud parts (hey, no one else in the theater could help it ;), and some very touching parts.  i wanted to laugh, cry, and hug my dear friend auddie-leigh at the same time.  i held most of it in, but i still hugged her :)



the main toys that we root for are always more than willing to help each other.  throughout the movie, each of andy’s toys grows closer to each other during the hard times.  some grow closer than others – like jesse the cowgirl and buzz lightyear.  (i knew it was going to happen, i always assumed they liked each other after watching the end of toy story 2. :)


and not too long ago, i found this hilarious article.  toy story totally whipped jonah hex.  isn’t that relieving :)

It may not have reached infinity and beyond, but Toy Story 3 has broken records with its Father’s Day weekend debut. The G-rated movie starring everyone’s favorite Pixar characters Buzz Lightyear and Cowboy Woody grossed an estimated $109 million, earning the status of Pixar’s highest-grossing opening weekend ever. It helped that Toy Story 3 bowed in over 2,000 3-D locations, a number that added up to more than 50% of its gross. Its IMAX numbers were also solid: earning 8 percent of its total from the 180 large-screen theaters. The movie generated a 99% positive rating from review collector site Rotten Tomatoes and an A from exit pollster CinemaScore. The animated flick also helped boost the box office over 30 percent from last year when The Proposal debuted to $33 million.

Toy Story 3 was not at all helped out by the only other new wide release Jonah Hex. In fact, the PG-13 western actioner starring Josh Brolin was wholeheartedly rejected by audiences, grossing a paltry $5 million for an eighth place finish at the box office. It will likely go down as the biggest disappointment of the summer, one that’s surely not going to help the careers of either Brolin or co-star Megan Fox. Audiences gave it a C+ as indicated by CinemaScore.

  – Nicole Sperling

mom says that we will get the dvd box set of all three movies when it comes out – i can’t wait! :)


oh, and in the movie theater, they played this hilarious trailer… or ad… or… whatever it is; but i got a kick out if it :)  be sure to check it out…

…why don’t you come and play here? i’m just sitting on the shelf

toy story 3 came into theaters yesterday! unfortunately, they are only showing it in 3d – which means i will have to take a few tylenol before i see it.  i have this thing with 3d – once i view books through the funky glasses, i get a terrible migraine and my stomach feels like everything in it is playing volleyball.  but i am dead set and determined to see that movie!  i can’t remember when dad plans on taking us, but i am pretty sure it is sometime next week.  i am absolutely thrilled; the first toy story was spectacular and the second one (nobody expected a second.  at least, i didn’t…) was just as good as the first – and, i believe – better than the first.  and then a third?  who expected a third?  (once again, i didn’t).  disney pixar has managed to create some of the best children’s (children’s?  i’m sorry – i meant family… i’ve found many parents who enjoy them too…) movies within the last decade and a half.  okay, so who wouldn’t be thrilled? :)

toystory1toy story 1995

i can’t remember when we didn’t have this movie.  although, i do remember cringing and covering my eyes when the bad guy, sid (the evil kid next door who liked to blow up toys) ever came on-screen.  trey’s favorite character.  hmm.  y’all worried yet? ;)

the conflict in this movie is very different from any other conflicts in other children’s movies (there i go again… :P ).  that could be why it is so… intriguing. we feel sorry for woody, the long and lanky cowboy doll, when the new spiffy space ranger toy, buzz lightyear (or mr. ‘lightbeer’ according to woody at the beginning of the movie) takes woody’s place as a favorite in the heart of their owner, andy (psh. yeah right).  the following events that cause woody and buzz to become inseparable friends, both loyal to andy and work together to try to get back to their owner create an unforgettable ride from start to finish.  they make such a funny pair, it’s kind of relieving to see them become friends.  way to go tom hanks and tim allen. 

abugslifea bug’s life 1998

the poor misfit ant, flick.  who everybody dislikes.  who messes up everything he ever tries.  who is trying to impress a princess.  oh, and he has a squeaky laugh; i’ve always liked flick, but his laugh always sounded funny.  anyhoo…

how flick confuses circus performers for heroes that might be able to save the ant hill from a bunch of vicious grasshoppers makes an interesting movie.  let us remember that poor flick is a very accident-prone inventor.  he is very cute and lovable though.  trust me.  the circus performers are quite funny too: the chubby caterpillar, the stick-bug that gets lost in a tree, two rolly-pollies with foreign accents, and the male lady bug who gets frustrated with other insects who think that he is a girl provide some very humorous moments.  i’ve always loved the outcome of this movie; it’s very sweet.  another disney-pixar-classic-must-have! ;)

toystory2toy story 2 1999

this is definitely one of my favorites.  woody, buzz, and the rest of the gang are all friends now.  but when woody gets kidnapped (i guess ‘toynapped’ is the right word here) by a greedy toy collector, it’s up to the rest of andy’s toys to rescue him.  in woody’s captivity, he meets a group of new toys: stinky-pete the prospector, bull’s-eye the horse, and (my favorite) jesse the cowgirl.

strong loyalty highlights this adorable movie.  it is so sweet to see how andy’s toys are determined to rescue woody and woody wants to find a way to be loyal to both his new friends as well as his old friends.

out of all the sequels i have ever seen, i think this one tops them all.  while it stays true to the first one, it does so without throwing away the element of originality.


monsters inc. 2001

sully and mike are monsters that live in a world of monsters that get their electricity from the screams of human children.  the monsters are led to believe that human children are dangerous and deadly.

ooh.  i made that sound creepy. ;)

then, a human child accidently enters the monster world.  through numerous hilarious events, when sully and mike see how harmless she really is, they befriend her, defend her from bad-guy monster randal, and get her back to her home.  i couldn’t help but love the friendship that blossoms between boo (that’s what sully named the little girl ;) and sully.

findingnemofinding nemo 2003

nemo frowns at his daddy and says, ‘i hate you.’

marlin looks aghast and his face slowly falls.

the first time i ever watched this movie was in a theater with the whole family.  i couldn’t remember my expression, but i remember my thoughts.  what the heck?  if this movie continues like this, we have no business watching it.  now it is on the list of my favorites.

nemo learns his lesson when he disobeys his dad and the consequences dreadfully affect both father and son.  then marlin reluctantly teams up with dory – a fish that suffers from short-term memory loss – to find nemo.  the following series of events that take place provide time for marlin and dory to become friends.

i loved the effects in this movie.  the different parts of the sea and just how everything moved made everything just look so magical

theincrediblesthe incredibles 2004

the beginning of this movie is a riot!  one of my favorite parts: you have the superheroes mr. incredible, elastigirl, and frozone all being interviewed back in the ‘glory days’.  then, after a few more minutes into the movie, it speeds up a few years.  a series of unfortunate events force all the superheroes’ secret identities to ‘become their only identity’.  mr. incredible and his best friend frozone spend their time fighting crime behind the law’s back (as well as their families’).  mr. incredible has married elastigirl and they have three kids.  eventually in the movie, a bad guy (a serious bad-guy – the kind that’s so wealthy that he has it all to destroy everybody) causes the super incredible family to come out of hiding and fight. 

i love the family.  they all have serious misunderstandings, argue, help, and love each other.  just a normal family except with superpowers :P

carscars 2006

lightning mcqueen is a famous, very nasty snob, young car who thinks that the whole world revolves around him.  myeh.

then he gets lost on root 66 and ends up in a small town called ‘radiator springs’.  through the kindness that he is shown by the town’s simple cars (who have no clue who lightning mcqueen is), he sees how selfish he was.

the town was cute its quirky townscars and the friendships that lightning builds are humorous and sweet to watch.  my favorite was the volkswagon bus called philmore.  as he would say, ‘there’s a lot of love out there, man.’

ratatouilleratatouille 2007

remy the rat loves to create things with food.  he is the ‘little chef’ of this movie.  he lives in paris france where he befriends a human, linguini, who gets into a sticky situation: a famous restaurant thinks that linguini is a magnificent cook even though remy is the one who created the food.

well, what would you do if you couldn’t get any other job and you needed one?  tell a famous restaurant that a rat has been cooking their dinner?

i love the rat.  :P  honesty, remy’s obsession with cooking, and his wanting but can’t get the credit for his delicious dishes is a great concoction for a disney pixar movie.


WALL·E 2008

the new setting for this movie was very peculiar and different from any setting i could ever imagine.  the world is dying and all that’s left on it is a roach and wall·e, a little robot whose job is to clean up the earth while all of the humans are somewhere in outer space on a luxury ‘cruise’ spaceship. 

then wall·e meets eve – a fancy-shmancy girl robot that he has never seen before.  they become friends and they soon fall in love. 

you can’t get any good quotes out of this movie – there’s barely any talking in it.  but there is a strong mixture of love and longing in the movie; the robots frequently look at their hands, wanting somebody to hold the hands.  the music beautiful and the precious moments in this movie top many other moments in other movies.

UPUP 2009

the previews for this movie look so cute and funny, but they absolutely positively do not tell any of the older kids or adults that this could be a tear-jerker.

don’t get me wrong.  this movie had many hilarious moments.  i love it when the kid names his new pet bird kevin then is shocked when he finds out that kevin has baby birds.  ‘wait – kevin is a girl?’  and then the adorable doofus dog called doug.  he’s cute ;)

but – don’t worry, i won’t give anymore spoilers away – there are some parts that make you want to reach through the screen and hug the characters.  there’s a lot of caring in this movie.  it’s very… comforting.

these family movies are very refreshing to watch after viewing the modern-day junk that our age and culture have been producing.  there’s a bit of everything in there for everybody.  i guess that’s why all of the movies are a hit and the disny pixar place has been making a mint off of them.  good for them.  and good for us too.  we have something clean and wholesome to watch as a family.

i love all of these movies.  and y’all’ve heard my opinion on them.  what’s yours?

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