democracy in america – alexis de tocqueville

comunist manifesto– karl marx and friedrich engels

uncle tom’s cabin – harriet beecher stowe

crime and punishment – fyodor dostoevsky

on the origin of species – charles darwin

cricket on the hearth – charles dickens

unconditional surrender: u.s. grant and the civil war – albert marrin

virginia’s general: robert e. lee – albert marrin

gettysburg address – abraham lincoln

war and peace – leo tolstoy

selected poems – w.b. yeats

a poem with notes and grace notes – robert frost

the trial – franz kafka

the grapes of wrath – john steinbeck (never finished it)

mein kampf – adolf hitler

mere christianity – c. s. lewis

a man for all seasons – robert bolt

why we can’t wait – martin luther king  jr.

the gulag archipelago – aleksandr i. solzhenitsyn

collected poems – sylvia plath

end of high school senior year reading list

divine comedy – dante

the most dangerous game – richard connel


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