my name is katy seawolf and i am the second oldest of four kids, the rest are all boys (i’m sure you can only imagine ;D).  i am eighteen years old. i have been homeschooled all my life by my mother.  my dad is a retired navy chief and i have lived in several places in my life so far.  i’m currently living in mississippi.

i love to act and sing, and have played an ensemble member in an original musical of pride and prejudice, was active in a drama ministry group for teens last spring, and have been recently seen in the music man as the mayor’s silly daughter, zaneeta shinn.  i love to write stories and am trying to finish a novel.  i love music.

i loooove people. my people. other people. my people in Christ. people not in Christ. all people. i haven’t found a people i haven’t loved. :}

i’m a freshman at belhaven university.

i love to read fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction, classic stories, and just plain fiction.

i absolutely adore the beach and miss it often, which made me excited to leave the beautiful, mountainous area of colorado to somewhere almost closer to the beach. ;)

i hope y’all love, or at least like, my silly musings, friends, songs, pictures, and the rest of my jazz – ’cause that’s what this blog’s about! :}

fairy tales are more than true; not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten. ~ g. k. chesterton
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