baby, it’s now or never; this time is right… i got a feelin’ it’s for good, without a doubt; we are forever – me and you

hello, world. i’ve been feeling lame whenever i think of this blog in the sense that every time i have time to write an entry for it, i don’t want to, or i have better things to do.  of all the times i could have written something, it had to be now, when i am homesick. i’m really homesick right now… it’s been the longest i’ve ever been away from my family, which is one and a half months. crazy, huh?

well, yesterday i saw my family, but it was for a brief time, just for a walk at the mall and some fluffy fried catfish at jerry’s.  everybody was there except my older brother who skipped out of town to visit his girlfriend in colorado.  teehee, it was great fun hearing stories from my little brothers and jamming with them through the headphones plugged up to my ipod. i can’t listen to super junior anymore without thinking of them.

it’s been ridiculously hot lately.  after i got back from hanging out with my family, i went to gillespie to watch the end of a drama with a friend.  i received a text from cassy while i was gone, asking to sleep in my room (see, at caldwell, she lives on the second floor; and the higher you go in that building, the hotter it gets).  i could only imagine how hot it was while i watched tv at gillespie.  it was kind of roasty toasty in there which normally means caldwell is on-fire kind of hot. :P  i headed back to caldwell and i was right… it was as hot and stuffy as an oven.  i quietly went in my room in order to keep from waking the diva and the roomie.  it was so hot, i tied my hair in a knot on top of my head before grabbing a pillow and laying down on the semi-cool tiles on the floor.

thankfully, someone turned on the building’s air in the middle of the night, so i woke up shivering, (heehee) but i’d rather be cold than hot! :D

so once i discovered that the air conditioning was one, i turned it on full blast and cuddled in my blankets. yes. there is something cozy about being in a freezing room and cuddling in soft, poofy blankets.

so, i saw a very intriguing movie the other day, called heaven’s postman.

it’s korean (i took up watching some korean stuff since i’ve been learning the language).  it’s about a girl who meets a boy who claims that he delivers letters to heaven written by people who miss their loved ones.  the plot was definitely something fresh and the acting was pretty good.  the ending was unexpected – but not too cheezy! (*applause*)  i cried at maybe… two parts? anyway, it was good.

the point of the movie was good too – it basically reflects on the importance of human life.  what we do in our lives reflects who we are and how much or little we value our own lives or other’s lives.  and of course, love.  what would a beautiful movie like this be without a love story? teehee… :}

i know that this is a side note, but the colors in the movie were beautiful.  the whole thing looked like a bunch of artistic photos being flipped fast enough for the objects in the pictures could move… it really was beautiful.

speaking of movies, i’m uber excited for tomorrow! my daddy is going to take me to see star wars episode 1: the phantom menace.  in freaking 3d!  i actually don’t like 3d because it gives me bad headaches, but i will take tylenol with me for something like this!  can you imagine pod racing in 3d?! mwahaha… :D for those of you who don’t know, i’ve seen all of the star wars movies in theaters: the old three when they were put into theaters again after they heard george lucas was making prequels, and then the three prequels.  i saw them all with my daddy in theaters (except for the third and last one – he was deployed at the time). so this is gonna be like old times. except in old times i was shorter. :}

anyway. i just came back from the seniors dance recital with cassy.  it was a beautiful performance.  it made me want to dance even more!  hopefully i can get as good as they were… it was really impressive to say the least.  they had few ballet performances and a few modern dance performances. ooooh, it makes me want to dance!

title from: now or never by cnblue

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