you wanna d – d – d – d – dance? get your dancing shoes!

hello world. :)

i promise i haven’t totally disappeared.  on the contrary, i’m quite alive and well, although i’m also very busy.  school is going well, and i’ve been feeling more confident with my studying and test-taking.  i’m a little nervous for upcoming ones, but i feel really good about what the outcome will be. :)

of late i’ve been having fun with some new friends and catching up with some old ones.  hee, i really do love my peoples here. <3 :)

this last weekend was homecoming.  our football team won (GO BLAZERS! :).  the homecoming dance was fun too – although, because i did not have a dance-able dress, i went in a cute shirt, jean shorts, and black tights.  thus the reason i’m not posting pictures of that. :D  but, i do happen to have a neat picture of the whole party:

it was swell. :) i really do love my peoples here… <3

i started registering for classes next semester.  i felt so confused when i looked at the list of everything i would have to take!  there are so many conflicting classes with what i want to take or what i have to take.  it’s slightly frustrating, but it’ll all work out.

i’ve been dancing a lot lately.  it’s random, but it makes me happy. :}

that was a random statement. :P

tried out a new bible study thingy tonight, which happened to be amazing.  very moving.  they even showed a testimony from lecrae (an amazing rapper).  the music was also very good.  i might go back again next time.  it was a nice way to start off the week. :)

i also wrote my first short story for my creative writing class this last week.  i don’t think it was anything special, but i was happy to have accomplished my third ever short story.  short stories really aren’t my thing.  see – it’s so hard to put a limit on oneself of the number of pages if you really have a good or lengthy plot. :P

been dancing to this song lately. :)

title from: dancing shoes by aj

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. tiallarising
    Oct 28, 2011 @ 15:30:32

    Looks like you’re having an amazing time at college! I’m so glad you hear that….because with being homeschooled, college life kind of makes me apprehensive, haha.

    btw, I have the exact same problem with short stories as you do! It’s so hard to write a *short* story!! :P keep having fun girl. your peoples look/sound awesome.



  2. tiallarising
    Oct 28, 2011 @ 15:31:22

    Ok, I meant I’m so “to” hear that. not “you” hear that. yes, I iz a homeschooler. ;)



  3. chenpeng
    Nov 03, 2011 @ 23:07:41

    Yep, I wanna d-d-d-d-dance, :) and i am getting on my dance shoes.
    It sounded that your college life is awesome, great. And i like the first pic.
    I will have a tour next week, and it’s not easy to post on the tour, since i need use VPN to change my ID to get American website like WordPress or Youtube, yep, i know, it’s ridiculous, here is not free like United States, so maybe I will disappear again for a week. Take care, my friend.


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